Discipline is Key to Strategic Success

As I pondered I realised the times I failed to hit the mark was as a result of lacking disciplined effort to carry out my plan. As already has be my focus for my next year AUDACITY, DISCIPLINE AND DILIGENCE, this hit a code.

I realise discipline is not a walk in the park. The things I need to do I do not do….When looking at all the difficult things you need to do to be successful, discipline is difficult to sustain. Over the years great philosophers have published the secrets to success and all carry a common thread… DISCIPLINE. From Norman Vincent Peal to Napoleon Hill,  these secrets can be summarized as DISCIPLINE DAILY EFFORT

Perhaps the core of the problem is discipline, and the concept of delayed gratification. In order to reap the benefits of applied concepts, we have to endure the tedium of repeated behaviors in the absence of immediate results.

If your end goal requires you saving a certain amount of money, discipline begins with minor changes like not accepting a credit note nor exchanging your change for bubble gum in the supermarket. Cutting down on entertainment and take outs every week. When your buddies are going out, it takes disciplined effort to stay in.

Discipline could mean;

  • Cutting down hours of TV to create more time for reading or studying.
  • Closing your eyes and not buying that pair of shoes you already have a pair in that colour anyway.
  • Waking up a little earlier to put in time for exercise

If your marketing strategy involves placing content in several different media outlets and keeping the copy fresh, then this isn’t necessarily a task involving your highest creative skills. But it is necessary in order to maintain your presence in the market.

If your success is dependent upon constant interaction with your team, then your presence at IN ALL MEETINGS is required, even though you would rather be watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones instead of being on a conference call.

If researching the implications of a product modification involves a tedious Internet search, as well as contacting business associates and initiating training, then that is work that must be done before you can assume that those that rely on you for information understand the concept. It isn’t necessarily difficult to revise procedures regarding your own product line, but it might be tedious, especially if you would really rather be drinking a beer with your next-door neighbor and discussing politics.

Success requires a restraint of self to the requirements of others. It requires a passion for understanding your emotions, your pride, and your priorities, so that you can schedule your time so as to spend it on what is necessary, not on what is necessarily pleasurable.

Success isn’t achieved until your priorities have assumed the proper place in your life, and that means excluding those aspects of your life that involve achieving fleeting comforts. It means cultivating a higher level of growth in your mind and your aspirations.

Discipline will increase your self-confidence and leads you to achieve success. Perhaps you lack self-discipline in certain areas and assume “that’s just the way I am.” Perhaps some people are born with natural qualities and abilities that make self-discipline easy for them, but most successful people are made not born, through hard work and self-development.

Here is a jumpstart:

  • To develop discipline first, decide upon the discipline that will be most helpful to you right now. Don’t try to change several things about yourself at once, no matter how attractive and desirable they may be. Focus instead on the development of a single discipline until it is locked in and becomes a part of your personality. Then you can move on to the development of the next discipline.


  • Program yourself. Once you have chosen a discipline to develop, begin to think about how you would behave if you had this discipline or habit already. See yourself in a situation in which you want to practice your new discipline. Then, create a positive affirmation for yourself which you can use to reinforce your new discipline. You will actually become what you choose to say to yourself. This will build your self-confidence, and you will begin to see yourself in a new light.
  • Don’t allow exceptions. Decide on the discipline you want to develop and launch strongly on it. Resolve to never allow an exception until it becomes permanent. If you “fall off the wagon,” immediately recite your affirmation and begin again. This is the only way you will succeed.
  • The more you practice your chosen disciplines, the more you will like and respect yourself. You will feel more confident and optimistic. You will become more effective in every area of your life. When you develop the disciplines required for success, you will get more done, have greater self-confidence and succeed at higher levels in everything you attempt.

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