I believe it’s possible in this year to bypass all human calculations, roadblocks and hindrances on the way to our success. Regardless of the social, economic and political forecast world over. I think you and I have what it takes to soar in 2013!

Over the years my first article of the year has been about goal setting and resolving. I know what I want, when I want it and how I want it and so do you. I then ask myself why have been my processes so staggered and retarded. I’m not moving at the speed I want…

Therefore, my quest this year is to improve our personal effectiveness; yours and mine. To find better, more efficient and effective ways to get the results we want. A higher level of SELF-MASTERY is key. You and I are already great at what we do! We can be greater and more fulfilled.

I begin by scrutinising and polishing my nuts and bolts before I start on the bigger things. Have I mastered my success rituals? Do I read my bible and pray at the scheduled time daily?, Do I drink enough water?, Do I exercise daily? Do I read a book daily (a few pages)?, Do I spend quality time, do homework and affirm my children daily? Do I do my personal success affirmations daily? Do I set out diligently to do what I need to do daily?

Before we even begin to scale our Kilimanjaro, I believe we need to master some very simple tasks daily regardless of what season we are in. The self discipline we build will enable us to exert our will on larger tasks

Could it be that your failure to exercise self discipline in your eating and drinking habits is a contributing factor to where you find yourself in your business and career today? The prophet Jeremiah says, ‘If you have run with the footmen and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with horses?

We have believed for a long time that life is something that happens outside ourselves, that our lives are determined by the spaces we find ourselves in. How then do you explain the success stories and breakthroughs that have been birthed in Zimbabwe in the past decade? How do you explain the great inventions of the world that were unleashed by the most unlikely people in the most unprofitable environments? When we move into a higher level of self-mastery we realise that we have a greater part to play in our personal and national success.

In the coming weeks we will unveil the art of self-mastery.


Write out your basic personal success rituals and start out on them daily.

Uncover your “Why” or deep burning desire by asking yourself:

“What would I like to see different about my current situation?”

“What would be the good things about changing my situation/behavior?”

“Suppose I don’t change, what is the WORST thing that might happen?”

“What is the BEST thing I could imagine that could result from changing?”

“If I make changes, how would my life be different from what it is today?”

“If I were to decide to change, what would I have to do to make this happen


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