Just Say Yes


YES. It’s a tiny word that can do big things.

It’s often said that luck is where opportunity and preparation meet. However, I believe that reaching the pinnacle of success requires: the courage to say YES when an opportunity arrives.
It’s a lot easier to say NO when an opportunity looks too daunting, or when you feel like you’ve already pushed yourself as hard as you can. But by saying YES, the opportunity will be yours. If instead you say NO, then you’ll miss out — perhaps forever.

If a friend calls you to hang out, do you usually oblige or make an excuse for why the couch and some Nandos sounds better?  If a Twitter follower of yours who you’ve never heard of wants to have a Skype conversation , do you go for it?

Ever so often I used to find myself in the no zone. The no zone is when you think you’re too busy, lazy, scared, doubtful or disinterested to open yourself up to the opportunities that present themselves to you in life. The no zone sucks.  Its a terrible place to be, and if you’re there for very long, you’re going to be missing out on a lot more than just the occasional night on the town.

“If you could do any one thing, anywhere in the world, right now – what would it be?”

If someone called you and offered that very thing for free, but you had to leave in 20 minutes, would be able to say YES?  Would you be able to drop everything in your life to do something great?

If your answer is no, I can only imagine the opportunities you are passing up on a daily basis.  Sure, many of those may not seem quite so awesome on the surface, but you never know where “YES” will lead you.

So now that you’re consciously thinking about your propensity to answer YES, how do you actually start using the word more?


Next time someone asks you to do something for them, just say YES.  Regardless whether or not you think it will benefit you.
If you’re debating between doing something or not, just do it.  Over the long term, the benefits of a life ofYES will far outweigh any negatives that might be associated with any one given decision.

I’m not encouraging you to do anything irresponsible, but I think you get where I’m going with this.
What have you said YES to lately that has changed your life?  Or perhaps more importantly, what have you missed out on because you were in the no zone?

So instead of saying NO, take every opportunity to say YES.


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