Refuse to have an April like any other April.

Refuse to have an April like any other April.

Face your fears and step out. I was reading a tweet from Richard Branson that says that Virgin is launching the world’s 1st glass bottomed plane. My initial reaction was…’with my fear of heights why would I want to fly and look down at the clouds..’ It got me thinking though that one of these days I must face the fear of heights and bungee jump and fly in the Virgin’s glass bottomed plane. I’ve already overcome my fear of dogs and flying thus far.

What holds you back? Is it poor time management? I was reading a post by Dr John Stanko this morning and he outline’s his schedule for April, to say its jam packed is an understatement, yet I’m confident he will get it done and excel.

1. Review your 1st Quarter
2. Set goals for your 2nd Quarter
3. Enlist resources and help
4. Face your fears and get moving

One day at a time make things happen, focus on the vision not on the environment. Resolve to overcome. May the sun stand still this April as you recover lost ground and accomplish your set goals


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