Cruising Through The Storms

A week or 2 ago on my way to Bulawayo I encountered a hailstorm in Kadoma; it was quite strong that most vehicles on the highway pulled over (wisdom). There was a bus in front of me that did not pull over but slowly drove on… I decided to follow the bus (I wasn’t about to be caught in the traffic after the hailstorm) and gain some ground. Though it was risky, it proved to be wisdom on my part because a few kilometres out of Kadoma the sky was clear.

I then remembered a quote by Winston Churchill~ ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’ I asked myself how many times I’ve let circumstances slow me down or stop me on my tracks. Your vision can become blocked or clouded by obstacles and you cannot see where you are going. One of the hardest things to do is to keep moving when everything else seems to be working against you. This is a critical time because this is when a lot of people simply give up.

Here’s how to cruise through the storm;

1.         Stay focused on the end goal, NOT what is blocking the line of sight. Expect and anticipate the moment when you will lose sight of where you are but don’t lose sight of the end goal. Anticipate the challenges.

2.         Focus on core training principles, habits and behaviors that have allowed you to succeed in the past… This helps to control the fear, anxiety, nervousness, or other emotions that may be experienced when obstacle a hailstorm blocks your view.

3.         Rely on the fundamental instruments of your profession. Revert back to using the basic tools of your trade to stay on track and measure progress. The fireman relies on his boots, jacket, helmet, and breathing apparatus. The pilot relies on the compass, altimeter, fuel gauges, wind gauges and communication equipment. What instruments you can rely upon in times of need?

When you are caught in a storm suddenly and cannot see where you are going in pursuit of your goals. STOP, take a moment and reflect on what you can rely on. Who can you turn to for mental, emotional and spiritual support? No one ever achieves a goal without the help from someone who believes in them. What are the tools of your trade that you can always rely on without hesitation? Is it your brilliant mind, your technical aptitude, your emotional intelligence? What are your unique abilities that you take for granted every day?

And, lastly, as you move through the inferno of obstacles or are blinded by the rain, clouds, and storm, keep faith and focus on your end destination. No storm can rage on forever and every storm eventually brings sunny days.

Remember, there are so many more resources available in the world to achieve your goals that are in your direct line of sight.(I chose to follow the lights on the bus in front of me) Whatever the storm, DON’T STOP, keep going even if it means your pace is slower.




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