It Might Be Time To Take A Chance If…

I like the Law of Attraction. I think it mirrors biblical principles that I believe in… ‘as a man thinketh in his heart so is he….’

And you know what else I believe in?

Taking action, and taking chances.

This is not good news for some people. In fact, every time I give a talk, or offer a new program, I hear from so many people who are scared to take a chance on themselves or their ability to up level. They’ve been taught – by their culture, by their families, economy, or by their teachers – not to trust in their own ideas and dreams.

This breaks my heart.Here’s why:

When it comes to your dreams and desires, at some point, you have to act. At some point you may have to get a little scared. Maybe even a lot scared. You may have to step forward and give some weight to your affirmations and visualizations. It’s the best way to let God (and yourself) know that you’re serious about this dream of yours and about this life of yours.

Does that mean you have to give up on all of that good mindset stuff you’ve been doing?

No way! It just might mean that it’s time to put some legs on it. It’s time to act. To take a chance and take action. All of the visualizing and affirming in the world isn’t going to do anything if you don’t step up to the plate, face some of your fears, and make some kind of move.

Risk is different for everyone. For some, it’s a simple action, like raising the prices of your services. For others, it’s a big giant change, like starting a business or moving to another city, or letting go of a dead-end relationship. Starting a blog can be a risk. Taking a vacation can be a risk. Honouring your values enough to let go of a current comfortable-but-toxic living situation can be a risk.

Sometimes it’s not really a risk. It’s just an action. But since it’s not what you’re used to doing, it feels like a risk.

I believe there’s a point when you know it’s time. You simply know that it’s time to take the chance or to take some action. You might not know it consciously, but you do know it DEEPLY.


Well, it might be time to take a chance on yourself if…

You’ve said, “…at least I have benefits” more than once in the last month.

• You’ve written “My job has benefits” in your gratitude journal more than 25 times in the past month.

• You think to yourself, “I need to just learn to surrender to this place and be present and grateful.” And a few seconds later, you think, “Don’t I?”

• You’re waiting to be discovered.

• You check your email regularly to see if you’ve been discovered yet.

• You’ve convinced yourself that everyone who has their own business works 12 hour days.

 • There are more than three empty chocolate wrappers in your bin.

• You envy your dog.

• You envy at all.

• You’ve thought, “Maybe God just doesn’t want me to succeed.”

• You’ve watched “The Lake House” more than three times in the past month.

 • You’ve used any of the following words or phrases when referring to yourself: “Stuck.” “Can’t.” “Shouldn’t.” “Should.” Or “This is just how I am.”

 • You’ve used the following word when referring to anyone else: “Fault.”

• You’ve used any of the following words or phrases when referring to your situation: “Wish.” “Yeah, but” “Benefits.” Or “This is just how it is.”

• You sigh more than 8 times a day. • You bit off your acrylic nails last week.

• You think that other people must not experience fear.

• You worry about upsetting your parents.

• You worry about upsetting your friends.

• You worry about upsetting your spouse.

 • You worry about upsetting the cashier at the grocery store.

• You’re waiting until you’re sure you can do it perfectly.

• You think “getting out of your comfort zone” means getting out of bed in the morning.

 • You’ve said to yourself more than once, “Wow. I’d really love to contact this Nyaradzo and get some life-coaching, but…” 🙂


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