Happy women’s day

Congratulations women of the world!

It is such an exciting time as global media, corporations, the UN, arts, governments and citizens focus more than ever before on the wellbeing of exactly women. And as the international women’s day celebrates 100 years, I choose to be hopeful when we acknowledge the results of many a woman’s commitment, collaboration, inspiration, and hard work. Let that give us encouragement and a sense of urgency when we look at how to handle the huge problems facing women and humanity today. A simple goal like “freedom of choice” to; education, work, who to fall in love with, what to say, how to be, simply be you, is far from given and could be a great goal to which to aspire.
I don’t know about you, but I am hopeful as a critical mass of women have reached decision making power in many a country, company, corporate board, political party, university, theatre, supranational organisation and entrepreneurship, contributing and gaining valuable experience and confidence day by day. As more and more women no longer need to “fit in” as a worried minority, feeling different at a workplace previously designed for men, each and everyone’s own individual rules of success can shape form.
I am hopeful because many women today are so well equipped (languages, education, experience and networks) when embarking on a journey creating a future that benefit all. This is a unique moment and I want to stop for a second and I encourage you to do the same. Feel, think, imagine, dream, desire and even write down; how you ideally would like the world to be, how you ideally would like work to be, how you ideally would like your life to be, including life partner, family and your community? Take a deep breath and allow yourself to discover your own truth about all of this, as you take another deep breath, allow yourself to imagine what could be the truth of a sister somewhere else in the world.
I don’t think we can afford to spend any more time worrying about our looks or what someone else constantly thinks of us. Many of you reading this note are resourceful. Your life and career may not be as linear as that of a man and even certain other women, and it might be different than planned. That is the wonder. So, please stop beating yourself up with thoughts about how your career “should have been”, how your family “should be composed” or what your body “should look like”, and so on and so forth. The pressure is on and it is not easy as TV, internet and other media are presenting so called perfect situations for us to compare ourselves with, constantly.
I have made a choice to fight for my creations, my passions and what is true for me. That makes me feel resourceful. At times the journey is lonely and at other times it is social. It just is. It is easier when in company with others who stand there for me. Then I feel more resourceful and I can support others more too.
For all the women who today are fighting and paving the way for their own authentic life and that of other women, I have discovered that being vulnerable seems to be part of being human and that success can’t be about being tough and how good you are at winning any competition or what your neighbour thinks.
As a woman learns to fight for her truth, her passions, her loved ones, her creations and her accepting herself, she becomes an empowered woman. And by this she is able to empower another woman, a family, a community a nation, an in the end… the world.
I thank the women who started this work 100 years ago and who has opened the door for many other women. Who stood there for them and fought not only for themselves but for many others with them.
I am hopeful as there are so many resourceful women today. I wish you all, Happy International Women’s Day.


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